About Us

Inner Beneficial Network stands for insurance you can trust. We only provide insurance that works for you.

Finding the perfect car and the perfect dream home is the start of finding the perfect insurance.

Everything insurance is what we are passionate about. We are in the business of making people happy because that is what makes us happy. We don't come to work everyday, we come to assist you in every way. We know all about auto and home, we are experts. You have a question, we have an answer. Understanding you and your needs is what sets us apart from the others. We know you love you car, we know your home is the place you family grows and loves; that's why we know exactly what you need and give you just that, nothing more and definitely nothing less. Comparing prices to find the perfect coverage to protect your family, thats the IBN way. Let us give you a quote.

We Offer

Auto Insurance

Covering all your driving needs from the start in order to keep you on the road

Home Insurance

Finding the coverage that fits your needs with no limit to the safety of your home and family

Peace of mind on the road

We understand that safety on the road is what makes driving a breeze

Peace of mind in the home

Whether you're at home or away on vacation, leaving your home in hands you can trust

Your Guarantees

Top rated auto insurance for every driver in your family

No matter what you drive or where you drive to, what's inside your vehicle is what's important; your loved ones. Whether you drive a family minivan of a truck for work, we got you covered. No two people are the same, which means there isn't a "one size fits all" type of insurance. Which is why we find the best insurance that's right for you. Your situation is as unique as you are. We match you perfectly with just the right coverage and policy that fits your needs. We know how important a vehicle is; so we keep you on the road.

Top rated home insurance for every inch of your home

Home is where memories that last a lifetime are created. Home is the place you go to get away from the outside world. Home is where your children learn to walk, talk, and love. Whether you are looking for insurance for your first home or finally moving into your dream home, we find the best insurance to cover your every need. The inside of your home is just as valuable as the outside of your home. That is why we offer home insurance that protects every square foot of your home, both inside and out.